Minnesotans need each other.


Minnesotans are proud to call the North Star State our home. But here is the difficult truth. For many of us, our state is failing to live up to its potential. Minnesotans work hard and have earned access to better jobs, fairer opportunities, and more health care choices they can actually afford.

The mission of North Star Prosperity is to expand opportunities for Minnesotans and ensure everyone in our state has the ability to live a happy and productive life. 


The economic hardships of COVID-19 call for smart solutions and bold action from our leaders. Minnesotans are carrying the weight of this crisis and they need relief urgently. That means affordable health care coverage, paid leave for employees, and access to affordable child care.





1 in 4

Minnesotans have gone without doctor appointments, surgeries and medicine due the cost.


1 in 4

Minnesotans suffered health care costs that exhausted their budget for basic needs like groceries and child care.

More than half

of working Minnesotans  can’t afford to take unpaid leave.

$86,736 per year

is the cost of living for a family with two children in Minnesota.

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